10 Steps to Hiring a Tile Installer
Whether you select Artistic Tile & Marble or another installer, follow these steps to make the best choice.

1. Shop around and price the tile you want from an independent tile supplier. Your contractor may recommend a supplier or provide for a material allowance in the bid, so it's wise to be an educated consumer.

2. Think about what kind of patterns you want on the floor or surface you're tiling. Ask your installer to help you sketch it.

3. Ask friends and relatives for recommendations of tile installers.

4. Have several installers come to your home to measure the square footage of the project and give estimates.

5. Make sure that the exact material you want is specified in the bids, whether you use a supplier the contractor recommends or supply the tiles yourself.

6. Ask about the costs of having your old floor or countertop removed before the installation begins.

7. Ask the installer for pictures of past jobs. This step is particularly important for projects involving elaborate designs or expensive materials.

8. Ask the contractors for references from past customers. Contact the references and ask if they're happy with the work. Verify the contractor’s license(s).

9. Select the contractor with the best combination of price, satisfied customers, and attitude.

10. Execute a contract that clearly specifies the material to be used, start date, completion date, cost, and payment schedule. Try to keep the payment schedule as closely aligned as possible to the progress of the work and the delivery of materials to the site. If the material is to be laid in a pattern, make sure that a sketch is attached to the contract.